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Munich Shanghai LASER Photonics China


Munich Shanghai LASER Photonics China

LASER Photonics China is a prestigious event in China's leading laser, optics, and optoelectronics industries. Organized by Munich Exhibition Co., Ltd., it presents the all-round product content of the optoelectronics industry from an international perspective, tailored to meet the unique needs of the Chinese market. This exhibition covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters, attracting 94,648 professional visitors. At this year's exhibition, well-known optical and optoelectronic companies from home and abroad have highlighted the diversity of their technology products for visitors from various application fields.

LASER Photonics China has its roots in China, and it is based in Asia. It is focused on linking global optoelectronic technologies and promoting domestic and foreign technological exchanges and cooperation. It has embodied the industry's timeless wisdom and crystallization at every session, aiming to absorb and exchange global optoelectronic tec

We attended it  on 21st,March, 2024. This Year, the Munich Shanghai LASER Photonics China absorbs many exhibitors both from home and abroad

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