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The Specific Information of PU(Polyurethane)Hose


The Specific Information of PU(Polyurethane)Hose

PU Hose is a pipe made of polyurethane material.Polyurethane is a polymer material that combines the characteristics of rubber and plastic, and has the characteristics of being lightweight, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to climate change. There are various types of PU Hose, including air compression hoses, yarn clamping reinforcement pipes, and industrial hoses. These pipes usually have high resilience, high pressure resistance, and can maintain stable performance in different working environments.

The main function of PU Hose: suitable for industries, agriculture, food, medicine, civil engineering, fisheries, animal husbandry, garden irrigation, etc

Liquid conveying under general working pressure in the field. For example: pneumatic pipes, hydraulic pipes, garden water pipes, oil and water pipelines, petroleum exploration

Pipes, sandblasting pipes, peristaltic pump hoses, etc.


1. Good oil resistance, 15-20 times that of natural rubber;

2. Good wear resistance, 30-50 times that of natural rubber;

3. Good aging resistance, 5 times that of natural rubber;

4. The tensile strength is three times that of natural rubber

5. Has high elasticity, high elongation, and high strength;

6. Good damping performance, smooth inner wall, low liquid resistance, and minimal hydraulic loss.

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